Monday, April 12, 2010

Black and White

I ended up with a bulky, graffiti-covered, second-hand easel from Ikea. My original thought was that I would neatly fold it flat and lean it in the corner when not in use. The actual result was that I was either always running into it, literally, while it remained set up at all times, or it spent months hidden in the closet, unavailable as an outlet for my three year old's uncontrollable artistic urges. What better way to preserve the drawing medium without cluttering the girls' room than cutting it apart and mounting it on the walls? I also realized, post-facto, that it helped preserve the walls as well. She would have to be really trying in order to draw on the walls instead! I like the way they turned out, but if I had happened to have black paint on hand, I would have done the background and paisley design only in black and white (inverted, of course, depending on if it was the white board or chalkboard).
 She uses these constantly and I'm always thrilled by the spontaneous creations that appear on them throughout the day.
I sewed drawstring pouches for her chalk and dry erase markers to keep things more tidy.
 The surprising benefit from this project? Hours of entertainment for my one-year-old.
  Lately we've taken to calling her the Bag Lady.


  1. when i saw the little bags hanging on the side, I just had to share these with you,

    wouldn't they be great?

  2. Those bags are a fun idea. I have yet to experiment with printing onto fabric. Have you ever done so before?