Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sure sign of spring

My daughters aren't the only ones I've been dying to get out in the sunshine. My one-year-old's diapers haven't seen the sun all winter long. I have a love-hate relationship with these diapers. When my three-year-old was a baby, I started making them with gusto. I even offered to make them for my sister as well. Imagine sewing 100 diapers nonstop for a month. I never wanted to see another diaper again! Yet when I see my babies waddling around with a big diaper bum I feel a great sense of satisfaction. Then there is the actual issue of maintaining cloth diapers in our tiny apartment. Every year by February I'm loathe to put these greying, smelly things next to my daughter's bottom - not exactly rational considering what I wipe off every time I change her. But when I'm finally able to hang them out to dry again and think of the sun bleaching them white and the wind airing them out, it just makes me feel giddy. When spring comes, there's not a prettier sight than my row of white diapers drying on the clothesline (or the offending source of excrement toddling behind them).


  1. That is so impressive. What pattern did you use? What type are they? I'm washing diapers as I read this and wish I could hang them to dry. Alas, February in Montana.

  2. Thanks, Robyn! I used a Bum Genius I had tried out to create the pattern.

    What diapers do you use? I'm thinking of changing my strategy with this new baby. I have a friend that highly recommends imse vimse wool covers which sounds so delightful and non-plasticky.

  3. Ooooh! I'm so glad you asked. I have used a variety of things, but am currently making a supply of jersey flats out of a hemp/organic cotton blend. I love flats. They wash and dry so easily and are so versatile. With the origami fold you can stuff whatever in them to increase absorbency and on the go you've got a changing pad, burp cloth, even a swaddle blanket. Plus, these, with the stretch are very much one size and fitted at the same time.
    For covers wool is my favorite. Expensive, but so worth it. I'm going all out for these because they unfold to one layer and dry in a snap and are one size. Plus, have you ever seen anything sweeter? Okay, the only thing sweeter is seeing them on my twins.
    I'm so excited about this kind of diapering.